A sweet escape

Sweet on You identity

SoY-colorA couple of years ago my friend Annie started talking about opening a chocolate shop, and I’m embarrassed to say that I initially passed off her obsession as idle fantasy.

Boy was I wrong! As the weeks and months passed and her discussion of all the details didn’t die down — what the store would be called, where’s the best location — it began to appear like she was either going to have to actually take this entrepreneurial leap, or drive herself (and all her friends!) mad.

She ultimately settled on the name Sweet on You, and found a great location in a quaint building on a downtown corner (photo by Madame Scodioli). It’s a lovely place where you’ll find a sweet retreat, along with delicious gourmet treats and gifts.

Sweet on You went through a long process of logo design and development, working to get just the right feel (see some of the design work below, and yes, I know ‘confection’ is misspelled on one of the preliminary designs). Now we’re developing a series of print collateral and marketing materials.



Annie continues to work obsessively to provide her customers with the best in gourmet chocolate and confections. See details about all the delicious treats you can find at Sweet on You on their Facebook page.

And read the feature story about Sweet on You in The Salina Journal.