Human error or bad design?

  Remember the poor guy who got blamed for mistakenly sending the alert about the incoming ballistic missile? It’s not all his fault. Bad design is at least partly to blame. The emergency alert system in Hawaii apparently is tested by selecting the correct message from a drop-down menu (see the second image). In this case, […]

Which came first?

St. Vladimir annual report Every year, St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary in Yonkers, New York creates a theme for their annual report. The theme for 2016 was interconnectivity, as represented by the phrase, ‘which came first, the chicken or the egg?’ Some of the questions that introduced the concept were: • How can you have […]

A Valentine for a special someone

Here’s a self-mailing card (no envelope necessary, it comes with a round white sticker for closing) featuring original design and illustration to send to someone special. The front of the card shows Cupid aiming his arrow, and the fold-over closing panel says ‘Happy Valentine’s Day.’ Inside Cupid appears again, and the panel on the right lists some qualities […]

Absolute Originals

Creedence Clearwater Revival box set Absolute Originals is a box set of Creedence Clearwater Revival albums, designed for Acoustic Sounds. The set contained several original CCR albums (these were already designed, of course), a new CCR album, and a booklet with a fold-out centerfold. The second image below is a double-page spread ad in Acoustic […]

A sweet escape

Sweet on You identity A couple of years ago my friend Annie started talking about opening a chocolate shop, and I’m embarrassed to say that I initially passed off her obsession as idle fantasy. Boy was I wrong! As the weeks and months passed and her discussion of all the details didn’t die down — what […]

‘Refurr’ a friend

Sunflower Bank Refer-A-Friend campaign What grabs more attention than dogs and cats? This one of two Sunflower Bank Refer-A-Friend campaigns completed in recent years (see the Spread a Little Sunshine campaign here, which uses another sure-fire attention grabber: cute kids). Current customers are encouraged to ‘refurr’ their friends to become customers of the bank. The […]

Mixing and matching rags, rugs, and rolls

Rags to Rugs collateral Beginners and experts alike can learn all kinds of rug-making skills with Rags-to-Rugs materials. The company needed a brochure, gift certificates, and coupons, as well as graphics for their instructional DVDs. The fast growth of the business gave rise to several offshoots which needed identities similar to the original Rags to […]

Spreading sunshine

Sunflower Bank Refer-A-Friend campaign This Sunflower Bank summer promotion focuses on encouraging current customers to refer their friends and family to the bank. The little girl in sunglasses provides an eye-catching visual, while ‘spread a little sunshine’ furthers the upbeat feeling of the campaign. Large and small posters, postcards, deposit receipts, along with outdoor and […]

I nominate good graphics for political campaigns

Sean Hatfield mayoral graphic The son of a good friend of mine called recently and asked if I would design a graphic to be used in his run for mayor (surprising, as I remember him as a 13-year-old adolescent!). Sean wanted something contemporary with a color scheme other than red, white, and blue — all without […]

Recruiting with color

Kansas Wesleyan University student Top Ten list posters Kansas Wesleyan University wants members of their student body to let future students know about all the great things happening there. To attract lots of attention, these posters used bright color combinations, along with personalized graphics for each student’s name and photo.

Texture, color, and heart

Salina Art Center Heart to Art fundraiser materials This invitation package for this Salina Art Center fundraiser relies on color and texture to grab attention. The color scheme is an unusual burgundy and orange, but the real star of the show is the soft coating applied to the paper, giving it a rose petal-like finish — an […]

Baby bumps

Salina Women’s Clinic ad campaign Salina Women’s Clinic wanted a fun, eye-catching way to advertise to their patients that the Clinic provides more than just care during pregnancy. The ‘baby bump’ web ads rotated through the images.

Head and shoulders above the competition

CD package and collateral for entertainer Johnny High-Hat is a creative musician and entertainer who often performs on stilts! The graphics were inspired by old handbills often seen posted to promote events, as well as being influenced by John’s circus background. His music is heart-warmingly nostalgic and fun to listen to. You can get a […]