Design so nice, they named it twice

Have you tried 7 Up’s sparkling lemonade, Lemon Lemon? The product rolled out last spring, but I’m just now taking a closer look at the award-winning packaging and promotion, which is colorful, contemporary, and really works to create a happy, summery feeling. In addition to packaging, the brand visuals include lifestyle photography and social media graphics, […]

Type safari

Do you know what an abecedarian is? According to Wikipedia it’s an inscription consisting of the letters of an alphabet, almost always listed in order. I’m hunting for all 26 letters in Salina Downtown, an adventure called a ‘type safari.’ Each of the letters should be somewhat vintage and maybe even historic — no post-1960s-urban-renewal signage […]

Presidents’ Day

To celebrate Presidents’ Day, I followed the recent suggestion that historian Clay Jenkinson made to the current president: read through some of his 44 predecessors’ inaugural addresses.

May I have a word, please?

I learned a new word today: fanfaron n. A bully; a hector; a swaggerer; an empty boaster; a vain pretender. I sketched the first thing I thought of.     See more words-of-the-occasional-day here.

Every day I’m truffling, truffling.

The owner of Sweet On You chocolate shop asked me to create some custom illustrations of truffles. My plan was to do a set of six pencil drawings of truffles on plates. I did one drawing right away, then got very busy with client work, and didn’t start again until right before the opening. I spent […]

A Valentine for a special someone

Here’s a self-mailing card (no envelope necessary, it comes with a round white sticker for closing) featuring original design and illustration to send to someone special. You can get one FREE simply by requesting it here.