Design so nice, they named it twice

lemon lemonHave you tried 7 Up’s sparkling lemonade, Lemon Lemon? The product rolled out last spring, but I’m just now taking a closer look at the award-winning packaging and promotion, which is colorful, contemporary, and really works to create¬†a happy, summery feeling.

In addition to packaging, the brand visuals include lifestyle photography and social media graphics, etc. The bright color palette is based on colors of real fruit, with bold stripes and bubbles providing a backdrop to the playful logo.

7 Up is betting that real lemon juice and less sugar (70 calories a can) will help this fizzy beverage appeal to health-conscious millennials. Time will tell whether the approach pays off and Lemon Lemon reaches its target market. There are no guarantees, but design-wise, its got great appeal.