Mapping downtown

Salina Downtown mapSeveral months ago Salina Downtown asked me to create an illustrated map to highlight attractions in the area. The map was to be printed as well as serve as an online resource, showing the ever-changing construction zones. As we finished the stage with all the major attractions, the decision was made to include retail shops, restaurants, and bars. There are LOTS of those (82 at time of this post), so we ended up using small icons — numbered shopping bags and plates of food — to represent them. The printed version allowed us to add a legend at the bottom to identify the businesses, and the online version used a drop-down box for information. See the finished map here



Jeffersonian tomatoes

tomato2Clay Jenkinson, the man who portrays Thomas Jefferson on The Thomas Jefferson Hour podcast says that to truly be ‘Jeffersonian,’ one should attempt to grow some of their own food. So in that spirit, I planted a cherry tomato bush this year. My harvest was a grand total of six teeny tomatoes. Here’s a painting of half of them. 

Naked ladies!

naked lady photonaked lady mixed medianaked lady in progress

I’ve been obsessed with all the Naked Lady Lilies (Amaryllis Belladonna) blooming for the past month or so. I did some mixed media experiments, with mixed results. The one on the far right is in process.

Type safari

Do you know what an abecedarian is? According to Wikipedia it’s an inscription consisting of the letters of an alphabet, almost always listed in order. I’m hunting for all 26 letters in Salina Downtown, an adventure called a ‘type safari.’ Each of the letters should be somewhat vintage and maybe even historic — no post-1960s-urban-renewal signage allowed.

More to come! If you see a sign that qualifies, send me a message here

UPDATE: The letters don’t HAVE to be vintage, nor do they HAVE to be Downtown, because otherwise it’ll never be done.