Type safari

Do you know what an abecedarian is? According to Wikipedia it’s an inscription consisting of the letters of an alphabet, almost always listed in order. I’m hunting for all 26 letters in Salina Downtown, an adventure called a ‘type safari.’ Each of the letters should be somewhat vintage and maybe even historic — no post-1960s-urban-renewal signage allowed.

More to come! If you see a sign that qualifies, send me a message here

UPDATE: The letters don’t HAVE to be vintage, because otherwise it’ll never be done. 





Every day I’m truffling, truffling.

truffle on plate truffle on plate truffles on plate

truffle on plate truffle on plateThe owner of Sweet On You chocolate shop asked me to create some custom illustrations of truffles. My plan was to do a set of six pencil drawings of truffles on plates. I did one drawing right away, then got very busy with client work, and didn’t start again until right before the opening. I spent every spare minute ‘truffling.’

Why didn’t I think of this!?

Stephen-Alcorn-Milton-GlaserI’ve professed my admiration for Milton Glaser for years. When I saw this series by Stephen Alcorn, I was immediately envious — and very impressed.

Stephen had early exposure to Glaser’s genius (his father, John Alcorn, worked with him at Pushpin Studios), which provided inspiration for this project, and I love his emphasis on learning from history and then thoroughly exploring his subjects.

Now I’m inspired by Alcorn, and am having lots of ideas for subjects to obsess about.