Presidents’ Day

To celebrate Presidents’ Day, I followed the recent suggestion that historian Clay Jenkinson made to the current president: read through some of his 44 predecessors’ inaugural addresses.

May I have a word, please?

I learned a new word today: fanfaron n. A bully; a hector; a swaggerer; an empty boaster; a vain pretender. I sketched the first thing I thought of.     See more words-of-the-occasional-day here.

Every day I’m truffling, truffling.

The owner of Sweet On You chocolate shop asked me to create some custom illustrations of truffles. My plan was to do a set of six pencil drawings of truffles on plates. I did one drawing right away, then got very busy with client work, and didn’t start again until right before the opening. I spent […]

Why didn’t I think of this!?

I’ve professed my admiration for Milton Glaser for years. When I saw this series by Stephen Alcorn, I was immediately envious — and very impressed. Stephen had early exposure to Glaser’s genius (his father, John Alcorn, worked with him at Pushpin Studios), which provided inspiration for this project, and I love his emphasis on learning […]

Friends, family, and fishing

I’m often asked to donate work for various causes, and one that I always agree to is the CAPS (Child Advocacy & Parenting Services) Annual Auction. This year the mixed media collage I’m contributing was originally done for a friend of mine who had a grand passion for his grandsons. He fondly related tales of […]