Digital ad for scoreboard

McCullough Development’s home office is in Manhattan, Kansas, so it stands to reason they often support Kansas State University sporting events. In this case, they sponsored Free Throw for Dough, a basketball competition where fans can take a shot — literally! — to win money. The design challenge was to make sure the visuals communicate […]

Community bank referral program

What grabs more attention than dogs and cats? This one of two Sunflower Bank Refer-A-Friend campaigns completed in recent years (see the Spread a Little Sunshine campaign here or the ABC program campaign here, which use another sure-fire attention grabber: cute kids). Current customers are encouraged to ‘refurr’ their friends to become customers of the […]

Design so nice, they named it twice

Have you tried 7 Up’s sparkling lemonade, Lemon Lemon? The product rolled out last spring, but I’m just now taking a closer look at the award-winning packaging and promotion, which is colorful, contemporary, and really works to create a happy, summery feeling. In addition to packaging, the brand visuals include lifestyle photography and social media graphics, […]

Type safari

Do you know what an abecedarian is? According to Wikipedia it’s an inscription consisting of the letters of an alphabet, almost always listed in order. I’m hunting for all 26 letters in Salina Downtown, an adventure called a ‘type safari.’ Each of the letters should be somewhat vintage and maybe even historic — no post-1960s-urban-renewal signage […]


See more of my Creative Sprint projects here. Last week I attended an AIGA talk by Noah Scalin at Wichita State University. He discussed his Skull-A-Day project from a few years ago, which he started out of frustration about losing his creative edge (here’s the skull he made with students from WSU). He and his sister […]