You need materials that cut through the modern world’s visual clutter — in print, online, on mobile devices, and across social media platforms. But often there’s more work to do than time to do it in. Here are 7 reasons why you would benefit from my help (there are more, but who has the time?):  

1. I offer effective and economical solutions.
2. I don’t maintain a large office or staff. It’s just me and my decades of experience.
3. You’re not paying the administrative fees of a large agency, nor incurring the costs of hiring additional staff.
4. I’m responsible for my own business expenses, including health care and taxes.
5. Communication is streamlined; it doesn’t have to pass through a chain of middle management.
6. My flexibility works in your favor since I can adjust my schedule to meet your needs.
7. My livelihood depends on providing excellent service, on time and on budget.

So, do you find yourself with more work than time? Contact me! Then relax, knowing that a creative, effective solution to your design project is now my top priority.