Faber Castell matte graphite pencilsFaber Castell matte pencilsA complaint I often hear about graphite is that you can’t get really dark darks without also getting shine. So I was eager to try the new Faber Castell matt graphite pencils.

I ordered the set of 12 (though I see now all Amazon has is a set of 6) which had from HB through 14B. The 14B got plenty dark, and there really ISN’T much of a shine. As the pencils progress in darkness, they increase in carbon content, rather than graphite. The carbon keeps them from producing a shine. You can see in my drawing of the leaves that the shadows are pretty dark, and there’s no shine. It also lifts up well with a kneaded eraser, as long as you haven’t been too heavy-handed when laying down the shadows. 

I’ve read mixed reviews from other people. To me, they handled a lot like Prismacolor pencils. Not a bad thing, but different from regular graphite.