St. Vladimir’s Seminary Christmas Appeal

Rather than the Seminary’s usual Christmas appeal, (a 4-page letter with photos folded to fit in a 6″ x 9″ envelope, plus an insert that explained current financials), we experimented with sending a simple Christmas card to their constituents. The card was a 5” x 7” three-panel design that featured a stunning hand-painted contemporary icon by SDn. Vladimir Grygorenko. The icon showed through a translucent vellum envelope — a visual that already made this mailing stand out from the mass of holiday greetings in people’s mailboxes. The President of the Seminary crafted a brief message for the inside of the card, ending with the customary ‘ask.’ A simple infographic communicated facts and figures about the cost of educating seminarians. The response rate was a gratifying 18% (the average direct mail response rate nationwide is between 5% and 9%).

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